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Art Wire is a partnership between The Porch and OZ Arts Nashville in which 10 writers attend OZ’s 2019-2020 performance season and respond to the work in writing that is deeply engaged, personal, playful, questioning, and curious. The Art Wire cohort will attend, free of charge, a wide sampling of the OZ Arts 2019-2020 performance season, including innovative Japanese dance artist Hiroaki Umeda; a genre-bending presentation of Frankenstein by Chicago-based company Manual Cinema; and the local music-theatre-opera hybrid Steal Away, featuring Inversion Vocal Ensemble, Diaspora Orchestra, and shackled feet DANCE, just to name a few.

In response to each performance, the writers’ creative work will explore two distinct paths: 

Composition of Original Literary and Critical Works

Informed by and in response to the performances, writers will generate work that draws upon elements of each performance: possible threads include a sound, an image, a theme, a character, a sense of place. All writing will be archived, but strong samples will be featured on the Art Wire website. Work created for this project may take many forms: poetry, narrative, hybrid forms, critical essay, participatory journalism, spoken word, and more. We are interested in discovering what the experience of OZ’s season provokes in our league of writers, inspiring them to adapt their responses into language-based forms on the page.

Engagement with Social Media Platforms to Amplify the Overall Experience

As creative thinkers and artists in their own right, Art Wire writers will give voice to OZ performances through brief responses shared on social media platforms. They will act as megaphones for the season, sharing distinctive and authentic impressions with the community. These posts can take the form of six-word stories, language/visual pairings, or other snappy forms of the writer’s choosing. 

To apply:

Applicants for Art Wire will submit a statement of interest (max 500 words) and a writing sample (max 1200 words).

The writing sample should be a creative response to ONE of the following three videos:

Miwa Matrayek:

Manual Cinema:

Companhia Urbana de Dança:

Your creative response may draw upon any image, idea, theme, sound, or question present in the original work. It may be direct in its approach or far more abstract. The blank page is yours to fill.

Deadline for Applications: EXTENDED until Aug 19, 2019

Notification: August 23, 2019

Members of our 2018-2019 cohort at the celebratory reading on June 12, 2019 at OZ

Members of our 2018-2019 cohort at the celebratory reading on June 12, 2019 at OZ