A Tale of Two Tims: The Recap

We've been in a bit of a happy fog since the evening of January 17, when our inaugural fundraiser and first birthday celebration went off as a smashing success. The Tims had a great rapport, the crowd seemed incredibly engaged, the food for the Meet & Greet was delectable, and from everything we've heard since, everyone just had a great time. We couldn't have asked for more!

The day before the event, Terry Bulger of WSMV Channel 4 interviewed the two Tims.

And here's a post by Trisha Ping from BookPage that does a lovely job of summing things up, complete with audio. We're so thankful to her for taking such good notes and putting it all together, as we clearly have not had a minute to do so... 

And pictures? Yes, we have them! Click on the image below to begin the slideshow.