Thank You,!

by Kelsey Beyeler

As a nonprofit, The Porch relies on many different sources of funding. And it would not be able to serve Nashville’s writing community without continued support—in the form of workshop tuition, grants, donations, and other fundraisers—from that very community. Thankfully, Nashville provides an engaging setting where many organizations and individuals work together, supporting one another to serve the ambitious creatives that reside here. The Porch recently felt the love of this community through a donation from our friends at

Writt, like The Porch, exists to celebrate both written and spoken word. In 2018, Lucas Hagarty founded the organization with a mission to “celebrate and support literacy and literature through daily quotes, news updates, and connection to relevant philanthropic organizations.”

Lucas’s love for story began early in his childhood, when his father would read Greek myths to him and his sister before bed. This passion was further enriched by his high school English teachers, which led him to study English at George Washington University. Afterwards, Lucas started a career as a brand consultant, but felt disconnected from his background in literature. As a response he started Writt to rekindle his own love for words, to support those who share this love, and to inspire it in others.

Follow on Instagram at @writtorg for daily quotes and opportunities to enter a weekly writing contest.

Follow on Instagram at @writtorg for daily quotes and opportunities to enter a weekly writing contest.

His love for words is evident through the many channels that Writt provides to appreciate literature, and Lucas’s enthusiasm in sharing them is truly encouraging. The organization’s central action point lies in its mission to provide financial support to “organizations, classes and movements that focus on the literary community across the country.” This goal is achieved through multiple avenues.

There are several ways to experience Writt’s advocacy, and they certainly don’t all require donations. Every day, Writt’s Instagram account posts quotes from classic pieces of literature to ignite and inspire readers and writers. Followers are invited to participate in a weekly competition by responding to these quotes in the comment section with their own continuations or interpretations. Each winner receives $20 and a prize from Writt’s merchandise collection. The catalog features clothing, accessories, coffee mugs, and phone cases, all portraying classic literary quotes. These pieces are available for purchase through Writt’s online store, and 50% of those profits are turned right around and donated to literary organizations like The Porch. For each quote that is featured online or on its merchandise, Writt also provides free access to those texts through its website for further reading. People can participate in Writt in several ways, whether through donating, buying a cute new shirt, or simply enjoying words with a community of like-minded people.  

Writt’s partnership with The Porch has been an amazing gift: In its recent campaign, Writt raised funding for our Immigrant and Refugee Writing Workshop. This workshop, which has been offered six times in the past three years, serves as a creative outlet for for its participants, some of whom are new to Nashville, and all of whom speak English as a second language. Because participants are not required to pay, The Porch depends on financial support through donors and grants to keep the workshop running. Writt’s contribution will not only help The Porch continue its mission to support diversity and development in Nashville’s literary culture, but it also allows non-natives to practice and exercise their English in a welcoming, creative setting.

Writt’s partnership with The Porch is the kind of effective union nonprofits rely upon: By combining knowledge and resources, we are able to reach a wider audience and foster awareness and opportunities around the beauty of words. We are truly grateful for Writt’s contribution, and look forward to seeing the many ways that it will help our literary community grow.

Follow on Instagram at @writtorg for daily quotes and opportunities to enter Writt's weekly writing contest!