Read It, Write It, Eat It: Food in Literature from the Page to the Pen to the Plate

From Proust’s madeleine to Quentin Tarantino’s Royale with Cheese, food has long served as a writer’s muse. In these classes, we’ll read and discuss excerpts from fiction and nonfiction, and even listen to song inspired by food. We’ll explore the ways food can help us make deeper emotional connections in our work. And we’ll eat, of course, as some bites will be inspired by what we read while others will inspire us to write our own stories.

  • Instructor: Jennifer Justus
  • Date: Sat., October 31
  • Time: 12 p.m. - 3 p.m.
  • Cost: $60
  • Location: The Skillery in Germantown

About the Instructor: 

Jennifer Justus is author of Nashville Eats (Abrams, October 2015) and The Food Lovers’ Guide to Nashville (Globe Pequot, November 2012). Her writing has been featured in two editions of Cornbread Nation: The Best of Southern Food Writing. She worked as food culture reporter at The Tennessean for six years before embarking on a freelance career that led to work in TIMEAFARSouthern LivingImbibe and more. She also co-founded the Dirty Pages recipe storytelling project. Prior to journalism, she worked in qualitative research studying the emotional connections we make with food. She spent hours in the kitchens of home cooks looking for the reasons behind the comfort in a pot of chili and conducted deprivation studies with teenagers across the country to understand the craving for a slice of pepperoni pie.