Yoga for Writers [Workshop]

In Yoga for Writers, we’ll explore how the practice of yoga can help sustain a writing practice. This one-day workshop is organized into two sections of 90 minutes each. Each section will involve physical movement and writing. In Part I, we’ll learn some basic yoga poses to help address the physical demands writers face. We’ll show you how yoga can help relieve and prevent neck, shoulder, back, and wrist pain; and we’ll offer some short “yoga break” sequences that can be incorporated into the writing day. Part II will begin with some yoga poses to build creative energy. We’ll also study some of the yoga wisdom texts (The Bhagavad Gita, The Yoga Sutras, etc.) and draw on them for a series of writing exercises.

No expertise in yoga is required for this workshop. All levels of practice are welcome. Participants are advised to dress comfortably in exercise attire. While some yoga mats and props will be available, participants may want to bring their own yoga mats.