Writing Flash Fiction [Workshop] Begins

For the poet interested in working on fiction, the novelist or short story writer wanting to shore up his or her craft in terms of language, style, and pacing, or the nonfiction writer considering trying anything from vignettes to prose poems, this six-week course will discuss and experiment with the short-short story. Each week we’ll read published works of flash fiction, which generally come in at under 1,000 words, and workshop student stories, which will range from 200 to 1500 words. We’ll study arc and pacing, how form informs the content, how limitations so often yield a more crystalline version of your prose, and just how crucial language is to moving a narrative. Aside from the pleasure of writing short-short fiction, we’ll identify takeaways with regard to urgency and compression that can translate into your longer work as well. Depending on demand, we’ll also cover venues and methods for publishing your flash fiction.