Revision Bootcamp [Workshop] Begins

We tighten our thighs and our abs, but our writing needs tightening, too. What does it mean to whip a novel or a short story into shape?

This workshop helps you pinpoint problem areas in writing like flabby sentence structure, dangling participles, and excessive filter words. Learn how to swap those unneeded adjectives and adverbs and replace them with taut, evocative prose. This is not a grammar workshop, but rather a no-holds-barred guide to revising and polishing your own work (before taking next steps like sending to an editor), so that you have your best draft possible. Attendees can provide (if desired) a 1,000-word writing sample to be put through bootcamp. (This will not be shared with the class, unless writers choose to.) Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of style tics to look for in their own writing and how to revise for cleaner scenes. Who should take this course? Anyone serious about writing tighter fiction or nonfiction. You do not have to have a completed manuscript or piece to benefit.