Tenx9 Nashville Storytelling: "Strangers" with The Porch

Our next night of true stories at Tenx9 Nashville is August 22, and our theme is "Strangers." We so excited this month to partner with the most excellent folks at The Porch Writers' Collective. Five of our stories will come from writers at The Porch. But for you other four...what are your stories of strangers?

Perhaps you have a story of an unexpected meeting with a stranger? Perhaps an expected meeting with a stranger? Perhaps you were a stranger to a place? Or an idea? Perhaps you wished you'd been more of a stranger at one point? Perhaps you wished you'd been less? What's your story?

Pitch your story here at tenx9nashville.com/contact/.

Tenx9 Nashville is a Belfast-originated monthly community storytelling night where 9 people have up to ten minutes each to tell a real story from their lives. Each month has a theme, and every month is free.