Critique, Coaching, and Editing Services

The Porch is pleased to offer critique, coaching, and editorial services for writers requesting one-on-one assistance with their writing. We strive to place each writer with an editor or coach who best matches the writer’s individual needs, level, and genre. All editors and coaches with The Porch are writers with a strong publication track record and/or graduate degree in writing. Many teach for The Porch, or teach or have taught courses at the graduate level at colleges and universities across the country

Services offered include: 

Global/developmental feedback on full-length manuscripts, stories, essays, or poetry

Perfect for the writer who has a completed draft of their manuscript and needs a professional beta reader. This option provides the writer with an editorial letter, as well as comments within the manuscript, to help direct the editing process for the writer moving forward. This option is available for manuscripts of all genres and sizes—novels, memoirs, stories, essays, and poetry.

Line-editing for manuscripts of all lengths, including poetry

With line editing, the editor drills down to the sentence level and edits according to the creative direction of the work. It focuses on the use of language, ensuring each word is working to best communicate the message the way the writer intends. Not to be confused with copy-editing, which addresses spelling, formatting, and grammatical errors only. This option is best for those who have a clean manuscript that has gone through several rounds of edits or feedback.

Copy-Editing for manuscripts of all lengths, including poetry

This option is for those who need a check for spelling and grammatical errors and manuscript formatting. Perfect for the writer who wants a final check before hitting the publish or submit button.

All-In Editing Experience

We assign you with a professional editor who can provide developmental feedback, line, copy, and format editing over the course of several editing passes on your manuscript. This option is ideal for writers who have a completed manuscript that has been through rounds of self-editing. In other words, you've taken it as far as you can go on your own—now it's time to get the pros in. This option is available for manuscripts of all genres and sizes—novels, memoirs, stories, essays, and poetry.

Assistance on Graduate School Applications and Portfolios

Need a second look at your application? We have a team of instructors who have all gone through the MFA process and are happy to give you some insight.

Coaching Sessions and One-On-One Mentorships

Coaching sessions are defined as one hour of reading and one hour of meeting. Our writing coaches can guide you through the drafting and revision process, offer insights on publication journeys, and answer any other questions about the writing/publishing process. 

If you're interested in working with one of our editors or writing coaches, please click the button below.