Why become a Porch member?


·      Nourish your own writing practice.

Whether you are a seasoned scribe or new to the life of letters, The Porch offers a wide variety of experiences to feed the literary soul. By becoming a Porch member, you join a community of writers and supporters of writing who are not only dedicated to the power and possibility of the written word but are also committed to fostering literary lives. 


·      Participate in Nashville’s literary community.

Nashville is growing by the minute, thanks in part to the spirit of creativity that thrives within its proverbial city walls; the literary arts are a unique and important part of this boom. By becoming a Porch member, you support not only The Porch's mission to foster the development of writers, but in essence, you participate in Nashville's creative culture.


·      Support creative writing outreach and education in Middle Tennessee.

By becoming a member of The Porch, you support our outreach initiatives across Nashville, including our free teen program, SLANT (Student Literary Artists of Nashville, TN) , Creative Writing for Immigrant and Refugees, and our scholarship program for our adult workshops. Whether to advance literacy through creative writing or to utilize writing workshops as a means toward self-expression, self-reflection, or storytelling, The Porch has much to offer not only its writers but all its community as a whole. 



·      Do I have to be a writer to be a member of The Porch?

Not at all. By becoming a member, you are supporting both The Porch and the literary vitality of Nashville. Readers, writers, and arts supporters of all stripes welcome!

·      Will my membership renew automatically?

It will not. We will alert you when your annual membership is approaching the renewal date and will provide an easy link to renew. 

·      Can I be a Sustaining member by contributing Monthly?

Absolutely! We love our sustaining members. You name the dollar amount you'd like to contribute. Annual membership levels and benefits apply. Email to set this up.


Levels of Membership: 

Basic Membership: $50/yr

Membership Benefits Include: 

  • 100% Tax Deductible

  • Porch classes discounted 10%

  • Members-only discounts on Porch programming, including Open Studio, Brown Bag Lunches, and our Happy Hour Lecture series.

  • Subscription to The Sewanee Review discounted 15%


Founders Club: $100/yr

Membership Benefits Include: 

  • Tax Deduction based on benefit options selected

  • All other Basic Membership Benefits

  • Subscription to The Oxford American

  • Parnassus Books one-time shopping spree for 20% discount


Publishers CLUB: $250/YR

Membership Benefits Include: 

  • Tax Deduction based on benefit options selected

  • All other Basic Membership Benefits

  • Gift certificate for one free half-day class

  • Subscription to The Oxford American

  • Parnassus Books one-time shopping spree for 20% discount


Porch Patron: $500/yr

Membership Benefits Include: 

  • All Founders Club Membership Benefits

  • Handmade leather-bound journal by Linenlaidfelt


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Or email to set up a sustaining membership.

Current Members:


 Bass, Walker

Chambers, Scott

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Publishers Club

Bubert, Lisa

Elam, Kaye

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Hendrickson, Alex

Koehler, Stephanie

McDougall, Debbie

McDougall, Wylie

Passino, Michael

Reynolds, Ernie

Roark, Margaret

Vehorn, Alison


Founders’ Club

Arata, Katie

Bell, Kelley

Brandt, Robert

Brown, Forrest

Brown, Jennifer

Browning, Maria

Calzone, Kelly Cass

Cappellino, Mark

Chesak, Jennifer 

DeMarco, John

Dorian, Jenna

Hannon, Lloyd

Harmon, Georgeanne

Herring, Jane

Hinkle, Pam

Hinote, Kendall

Jenkins, Peako

Kelly, Sherre

Key, Sarah

LaPrad, Laura

Maynard, Jason

McLeod, Laura

Morris, Joe

Mynatt, Cissy

O’Neil, Kerry

Owens, Jennifer Bostwick

Parker, John

Saks, Lauren

Schrodt, Jacob

Siegrist, Caroline

Siner, Emily

Stein, Beth

Stolting, Carissa

Talenti, Pier Carlo

Wade, Marilyn

Wells, Rebecca

Williams, Kristen

Williams, Lisa

Williams, Megan

Willis, Laura

Wilson, Amy Lyles

Yeargin, Samantha 

Young, Margaret & Jim



Adams, Trey

Allen, Bob

Apgar, Lara

Baldwin, Kim

Barnhart, Rebecca

Barnickel, Linda

Bell, Natalie

Bishop, Sheila

Blaylock, Shannon

Boyd, Bobby

Brannan, Spady

Bundy, Kim

Busé, A.J.

Caldwell, Tina

Campbell-Reed, Eileen

Carroll, Martha

Cartier, Jacques

Chesak, Jennifer

Chronister, Karen

Ciccarone, Erica

Coenen, Claire

Connor, David

Coomer, Sandy

Crowe, Lisa

Crumpler, Rachel

Cypress, David

Daugherty, Danielle

DeBusk, Mitylene

Diianni, D

Dordal, Lisa

Ebert, Heather

Eddy, Nelson

Edelman, Amelia

Ellis, Lauren

Ettinger, Steve

Folk, Lucia

Freibert, Barrett

Glasscock, Janice

Green, Kim

Gulbro, Courtney

Haddad, Eleanor

Hedge, Cameron

Heth, Zachary

Hill, Adam

Holifield, Sara

Howarth, Lydia

Inman, Allison

Jaggers, Gayle

Jones, Autumn

Justus, Jennifer

Kipp, Mary

Lenker, Korby

Lenow, Nate

Lepore, Marla

Little, Thomas

Locke, Kim

Logan, Jacqueline

Luminary, Victorea

Marcellus, Jane

Mathiesen, JoVonne

McAlister, Lynne

McAnally, Erin

McCormack, Lisa

McDonald, Susan

Moore, Catherine

Moore, Rod

Morgan, Janice

Nemoy, Emily Davidson

Older, Elizabeth

Overton, Tasha

Peay, Keltie

Phillips, Betsy

Phillips, Elizabeth

Phillips, Lyda

Plemmons, Greg

Pollack, Alex

Potempa, Keith

Poythress, Christine

Puetz, Nancy

Raffety, Mary

Revell, Dinah Blair

Rice, Shaun

Roberts, Vera

Rosenblum, Jessie

Sahagian, Ted

Sands, Ginger

Sanford, Alice

Schatzkin, Paul

Shade, Elmo

Solomon, Sandy

Sugar, Julie

Teaster, Deana

Troutman, Joyann

Valentine, Annette

Walter, William

Watson, Pamela 

Wood, Liz

Zito, Sheyla


Starving Artist

 Abari, Tonya

Armistead, Hunter

Bassett, Win

Cashman, Jonathan

Caffey, Catherine

Corbin, Melissa

Dennler, William

Harris, David

Hudson, Elizabeth 

Lowe, Dana

Osinaike, Olatunde

Rio-Ross, Whitney

Sims, Wilson

Turrentine, Melissa