Poetry on Demand

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What We Do

Poetry on Demand is oral history with a twist. Nashville poets travel to neighborhoods across the city, hear stories from people they’ve never met, and then turn those stories into poetry. One of the major objectives of the project is to engage with as broad a selection of Nashville residents as possible and reflect their experiences through art. We're especially interested in sharing the stories of people whose narratives are typically heard less often.

Thus far, we’ve staged Poetry on Demand at major community events such as:

  • The Nashville Celebration of Neighborhoods

  • Southern Festival of Books

  • International Women's Day

  • Nashville Pride

During a typical event:

  1. Storyteller & Poet talk for 10-15 min

  2. Poet writes for an hour

  3. Poet & Storyteller reconnect for the poem

  4. We record the process for a podcast.

This entire exchange is recorded by Nashville Public Radio, which has partnered with The Porch to turn this material into a podcast called “Versify” — distributed by PRX, one of the most respected names in radio and podcasting.

ARE YOU AN EDUCATOR? We've developed a lesson plan for the Episode One of Versify, "There's No Cure." View and download it here.

ARE YOU A POET INTERESTED IN WORKING WITH US? Please fill out this short application form. We'll be in touch. 

A goal of this project has always been to create a dialogue between Nashville's diverse communities, and to affirm that whether you're the mayor of the city, or manager of a local grocery store, everyone’s stories are worthy of poetry.

Learn More

The Porch: porchtn.org         |  @porchTN
WPLN: podcasts.wpln.org    |  @WPLN
Versify: bit.ly/VersifyTrailer  | @Versify Podcast
PRX: PRX.org                            | @PRX

We're always looking for great community partners with whom to stage events. Partner with us! 
Dana Malone
Poetry on Demand Coordinator


For questions about the podcast, please e-mail: versify@wpln.org.