Workshops at the Porch are rigorous yet welcoming, encouraging creative expression while sharpening your understanding of craft. Led by instructors with extensive teaching experience, each class focuses on a particular genre, approach, or use of writing, and allows participants to learn from one another in a supportive, friendly atmosphere. 

In our intermediate to advanced workshops and one-day seminars we aim for thorough discussion, feedback, and pedagogy on par with courses offered through degree-earning programs. These Porch workshops are a great choice if you're thinking about applying for an MFA or looking to keep up your writing practice and skills after college or graduate school. But if you're new to writing or just looking for some inspiring practice and play with words on the page, we've got the perfect workshop for you, too.

We'll be adding additional classes as we grow. If there's something you're interested in that's not listed here, please let us know! We also offer personal coaching to help you reach your writing goals; contact usto get that conversation started.

Please note: Our cancellation policies have changed. Please click here to view our updated policies. 


Fall 2017 Classes

Prose, etc.  •  Poetry  •  Youth

Multiweek Workshops:

One-Day Classes: