A Beautiful Mess: A Generative Workshop

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A Beautiful Mess: A Generative Workshop

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Whether you’re deep into a project or just getting started on new work, it’s sometimes difficult to keep your process playful and exploratory. But playful and exploratory and even just plain weird writing can lead you in all sorts of useful directions (albeit sometimes circuitously). In this six-week class, we’ll write together from an assortment of generative prompts and texts, including of a range of materials and activities designed to spark inspiration and contemplation along with some consideration of technical craft. Stories, poems, visual art, songs, perambulations, and more--all of these may provoke our newest attempts. We’ll also apply various developmental exercises to those “beautiful messes,” attempting to shape them toward what they want to be. (Perhaps we’ll make them even more messy--but that may be part of the necessary process.) There will be time to share in-class writing for immediate instructor and student feedback.

The class is designed to be focused on in-class writing, though participants are encouraged to continue working from the prompts on their own time as the muse--or steely discipline--moves them.  

  • Instructor: Susannah Felts

  • Length of workshop: 6 weeks

  • Date: Tuesdays, Jan. 15 - Feb. 19

  • Time: 7 - 9 p.m.

  • Location: Porch HQ

    2811 Dogwood Pl.

    Nashville, TN 37204

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Susannah Felts has published stories in The Sun, Wigleaf, Quick Fiction, Hobart, Five Chapters, the Chicago Reader, Knee Jerk, and other publications. Her first novel, This Will Go Down on Your Permanent Record, was published by Featherproof Books. For Susannah's full bio, please see our About Us page.