Fiction 1: The Compelling Narrator

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Fiction 1: The Compelling Narrator

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What makes a narrative voice irresistible? In this one-day workshop, we’ll dive deep into first-person narrators: how they seduce, how they compel, how they spin reality, and how they build urgency. We will analyze story and novel openings with captivating narrators and see how we might apply those authors’ approaches to our own work. We will generate new writing in response to tailored prompts in order to create and build our own compelling narrators. We’ll discuss different types of first-person narrators—retrospective, unreliable, sympathetic and unsympathetic—and how to employ them to best effect. We’ll also have time to share in-class writing for feedback from fellow students and instructor.

  • Instructor: Anna Silverstein

  • Length of workshop: 3 Hours

  • Date: Sunday, Sept. 23

  • Time: 10 am - 1 pm

  • Location: Humanities Tennessee Offices
    807 Main St., Ste. B
    Nashville, TN 37206

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About the Instructor:

Anna Silverstein was born in Boston and moved to Nashville four years ago. She has an MFA from Vanderbilt University, and was the 2015-16 Creative Writing Fellow at the Curb Center. Previous classes with the Porch include Writing as Resistance, Healing through Writing and creative writing workshops for immigrants and refugees. She is also a teaching artist for Southern Word and works on two Nashville organic farms. Her fiction appears or is forthcoming in Salt Hill, Afro-Hispanic Review, New Delta Review, Gravel, and Overtime.