Draft Chat: December 16

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Draft Chat: December 16

from 10.00

Draft Chats are for writers of fiction and creative nonfiction who are dedicated to improving their craft and celebrating the shared successes of the group. Together, we meet monthly to review each other’s work, offer feedback and guidance, and encourage each other along our individual paths to publication. Less rigorous than a workshop, Draft Chats are designed for the writer who is searching for a thoughtful community of readers and/or who simply seeks encouragement to continue their journey. Participants should bring copies of work to share; designated manuscript-reading time will be followed by constructive, facilitated discussion. We welcome you!

December’s Draft Chat will take place Monday, December 16 6 - 8 pm at Porch HQ: 2811 Dogwood Pl., Nashville, TN, 37204. Limited to 5 participants. Facilitator: Lisa Bubert

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About the facilitator: Lisa Bubert is a writer and librarian living in East Nashville. She writes stories and the occasional poem, and is currently working on her second novel, all of which are informed by her formative experiences growing up in rural Central Texas. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in Carolina Quarterly, wildness, Barnstorm Journal, Spartan and more. 

Twitter and Instagram: lisabubert

Website: https://lisabubert.com/

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