Mentors Series: Flannery O'Connor

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Mentors Series: Flannery O'Connor

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There is only one Flannery O’ Conner—there can be no other. While commonly categorized as a regional writer associated with “Southern Gothic” or “Literature of the Grotesque,” her work transcends categorization. While she is in essence inimitable, there is much we as writers of fiction can glean from her craft. In this two-session workshop, we’ll consider the ways in which her theological vision, her views on the nature of fiction, and the circumstances of her short life merge to create her singular voice and role in American letters. More significantly, we’ll look inside some of her stories in an attempt to understand her craft—how her employment of characterization, details, imagery, humor, and dialogue all come together in the service of drama and ultimately of meaning, mysterious though it may be. Class sessions will be include discussion of O’Connor and her stories as well as writing exercises inspired by her work.

  • Instructor: Katie McDougall

  • Length of workshop: 2 Weeks

  • Date: Thursdays, Oct. 11 and 18

  • Time: 7 - 9 pm

  • Location: Humanities Tennessee Offices
    807 Main St., Ste. B
    Nashville, TN 37206

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About the Instructor: 

Katie McDougall is the cofounder/co-director of The Porch. For her full bio, please see our About Us page.