Poetry: The Art of Getting Messy (For Teens!)


Poetry: The Art of Getting Messy (For Teens!)


Have you ever seen a painter's jeans? Usually it's splattered in specks of gold and white and rouge--all evidence of the artist letting go and getting just a bit messy. Sometimes we don't allow ourselves to get messy enough in our poems, though. Together we will explore what it means to write the messy thing, read/hear some poetic examples and then follow some prompts to create new messy work.

  • Length of workshop: One day

  • Date: Monday, July 15

  • Time: 3:00 pm

    • Location: Nashville Public Library — Bordeaux Branch

      4000 Clarksville Pike, Nashville, TN 37218

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About the Instructor:

Ciona Rouse is the author of the chapbook Vantablack (Third Man Books, 2017) and poetry editor of WORDPEACE online journal. Her work can be found in The Account, Gabby Journal, Native Magazine, Matter: a journal of political poetry and commentary, and Talking River. She lives in Nashville, Tenn., where she co-hosts Re/Verb, a podcast where music, literature, and pop culture collide, with the poet Kendra DeColo, and also curates many local poetry experiences and reading series.