Recalling Our Past from a View of Our Present: Poetry & Memoir

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Recalling Our Past from a View of Our Present: Poetry & Memoir

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In Connie Green’s poem, “Tiny House,” she writes “…we watched while our parents, /always old, we thought/became the people we are now.” How can I create a seven year old me, sixty years later? This workshop will provide prompts and strategies that help get at the emotional world of our past through memory, sensory detail, and simile—sometimes through dream or flashback that returns to our present selves.


  • Instructor: Bill Brown
  • Length of workshop: 3 hours
  • Date:  Sat., Feb. 24
  • Time: 2 - 5 p.m.
  • Location: Refinery Nashville


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About the Instructor:

Bill Brown is the author of Ten poetry collections and a writing textbook. His newest books are Late Winter (2008, Iris Press), The News Inside (2010, Iris Press) Elemental (2014, 3: A Taos Press) and Morning Window (2017, Iris Press). The National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts awarded him The Distinguished Teacher in the Arts. He has been a Scholar in Poetry at the Bread Loaf Writers Conference, a Fellow at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, and a two-time recipient of Fellowships in poetry from the Tennessee Arts Commission. Brown has published hundreds of poems and articles in college journals, magazines and anthologies. The Tennessee Writers Alliance named Brown the 2011 Writer of the Year. He lives with his wife, Suzanne, and a tribe of cats in the hills north of Nashville.