Sentences: Shape, Sound, Substance

Sentences: Shape, Sound, Substance

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Sentences help us control, shape, color language: they are the muscle of writing. In this class, we will look at a range of sentences-- complex, compound, simple-- and consider the ways that syntax shapes and creates meaning. We will also consider what happens when grammar falls, intentionally, apart, and, how in poetry, the line can interrupt, and contradict, how the sentence does it work. This class is designed for writers of all genres as we all share sentences.

  • Instructor: Freya Sachs

  • Length of workshop: One day

  • Date: Saturday, July 28

  • Time: 2 - 5 p.m.

  • Location: Refinery Nashville

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About the Instructor:

Freya Sachs is a teacher and writer in Nashville, TN. She is chair of the English Department of University School of Nashville, where she teaches high school English and creative writing. Her poems can be found as part of Nashville's Poetry In Motion series, in the anthology Extinguished and Extinct: An Anthology of Things That No Longer Exist, at Rove poetry, Rise Up Review, and elsewhere. She holds an AB in Environmental Studies from Dartmouth College and an MFA in Creative Writing from Vanderbilt University.