Short Story Workshop

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Short Story Workshop


Hungry to complete your short story? Unsure if your piece is ready to submit? What better way to prepare for sharing your short fiction with the world than a generative workshop designed to ensure valuable feedback from your peers, as well as the essential exercise of reading and critiquing other’s stories. During this four-week workshop you will be expected to submit a completed draft and support the other members of the class with reciprocal feedback. We will share our struggles and our triumphs, supporting each other in this safe space with positivity and respectful diligence, as well as discuss specific elements of fiction to hone our individual voices. You will depart this workshop feeling energized and satisfied, with a short story ready to release into the wild.

  • Instructor: Loie Rawding

  • Length of workshop: 4 Weeks

  • Dates: Mondays, October 28 - November 18

  • Time: 7 - 9 pm

  • Location: Porch Headquarters
    2811 Dogwood Place
    Nashville, TN 37204

  • Cost: $160/Non-Member; $144/Member **Don’t forget to use your membership code at check-out!

 What Our Students Say:

“Loie is fantastic. Honest, smart, invested in her students and the craft.”

“Loie's class was well organized and delightful. She detailed the publishing process and included her own insights as well.”

“Loie for president!”

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About the Instructor:

Loie Rawding is a writer and mixed media artist raised on the coast of Maine. She received her MFA from the University of Colorado where she also taught creative writing and was an editor of Timber Journal. Loie works as a freelance writer and editor for independent businesses, and is a creative mentor to a wide spectrum of artists. Her work has appeared in SAND: Berlin’s English Literary JournalThe WandererMap Literary (2016 Pushcart Prize nomination), AnamesaDREGINALD, and Lemon Hound, among others. Loie is a recently settled transplant to Nashville from Boulder, Colorado, by way of Brooklyn.