Fiction 1: Story Basics


Fiction 1: Story Basics

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This class is designed for people new to fiction writing. Perhaps you are a reader who would like to try your hand at being on the other side of the equation. Perhaps you have a story in your head and need a jumpstart to get it down on paper. Or maybe you’re a poet or a nonfiction writer who wants to dabble in fiction. In this workshop, we’ll consider the basic ingredients of fiction: characters, plot, setting, and dialogue, and we’ll experiment with putting those ingredients to work through fun writing prompts. 

  • Instructor: Ben Thompson

  • Length of workshop: 3 hours

  • Date: Saturday, June 29

  • Time: 2 - 5 pm

  • Location: Porch HQ
    2811 Dogwood Pl.
    Nashville, TN 37204

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Walter B. Thompson is a Nashville native. His fiction has appeared in American Short Fiction, Carolina Quarterly, The Writing Disorder, and elsewhere. In recent years, he has received fellowships from the Wisconsin Institute of Creative Writing, Virginia Center for Creative Arts, and Phillips Exeter Academy. He is currently at work on his first novel, and is the co-host of Write and Eat, a podcast that explores the daily writing life.