Studies in Character

Studies in Character

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Good characters stay with us. More than perhaps any other element of a writer’s craft, strong characters make for strong story. It’s a sort of magic when a reader is taken hold by a fictitious character whom he or she can never actually meet but nevertheless knows intimately. How do authors create that magic? In this session, we’ll explore some ways to breathe life into your characters through details, point of view, and knowledge of the latent or not so latent forces that motivate these imaginary beings.


  • Instructor:  Ben Thompson
  • Length of workshop: 3 hours
  • Date: Sat., Feb. 10
  • Time: 2 - 5 p.m.
  • Location: Refinery Nashville
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About the Instructor:

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Walter B. Thompson is a Nashville native. His fiction has appeared in American Short Fiction, Carolina Quarterly, The Writing Disorder, and elsewhere. In recent years, he has received fellowships from the Wisconsin Institute of Creative Writing, Virginia Center for Creative Arts, and Phillips Exeter Academy. He is currently at work on his first novel, and is the co-host of Write and Eat, a podcast that explores the daily writing life.