Is It Time?: The When, How, and Where of Submitting Your Writing

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Is It Time?: The When, How, and Where of Submitting Your Writing

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Perhaps one of the most difficult tasks for a writer is deciding if a piece is ready to be shared with the world. When the answer is 'YES!' what happens next? How do you write that pesky cover letter? What do you include in your bio? And finally, where do you send the work that has stolen a little bit of your mind, heart, and soul? In this workshop, we will explore the when, how, and where of the submission process. We will share works that we hope are ready for publication, and look at the best of today's databases and submission resources. You will leave this workshop with a working cover letter and bio, and some newfound confidence. I have been published internationally and served as a contributing editor for both print and online publications. Submitting your work can be about as much fun as finding a job or a new place to live. I hope to convince you that getting published is one of the most rewarding and essential aspects of our art, and a hell of a lot easier than moving.

  • Instructor: Loie Rawding

  • Length of workshop: 3 hours

  • Date: Saturday, Apr. 6

  • Time: 2 - 5 pm

  • Location: Porch HQ
    2811 Dogwood Pl.
    Nashville, TN 37204


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About the Instructor:

Loie Rawding is a writer and mixed media artist raised on the coast of Maine. She received her MFA from the University of Colorado where she also taught creative writing and was an editor of Timber Journal. Loie works as a freelance writer and editor for independent businesses, and is a creative mentor to a wide spectrum of artists. Her work has appeared in SAND: Berlin’s English Literary JournalThe WandererMap Literary (2016 Pushcart Prize nomination), AnamesaDREGINALD, and Lemon Hound, among others. Loie is a recently settled transplant to Nashville from Boulder, Colorado, by way of Brooklyn.