Travel Tales: Writing Our Journeys Near and Far

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Travel Tales: Writing Our Journeys Near and Far

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Jonathan Raban, British travel writer and novelist, said: “As a literary form, travel writing is a notoriously raffish open house where different genres are likely to end up in the bed. It accommodates the private diary, the essay, the short story, the prose poem, the rough note and the polished table talk with indiscriminate hospitality. It freely mixes narrative and discursive writing.”  

Likewise, this course welcomes you into a community of explorers-- writers aiming to inspire and transport readers to faraway destinations,  to excavate treasures from their own backyards, or to leave with a souvenir--a remembrance of a time and place they never want to forget. Together we will craft compelling travel tales-- capturing the essence of place, telling our best stories, and giving readers take away from our experiences.

Classes will begin by analyzing works of master  travel writers who infused elements of journalism, personal essay, narrative, and poetic prose.  We’ll use photo walks and journaling to gather material, tools to draft and revise, and feedback from one another throughout the process.  I’ll also share how to partner with travel brands seeking our stories.

  • Instructor: Cindy McCain

  • Length of workshop: 4 weeks

  • Date: Thursdays, June 6 — June 27

  • Time: 7 — 9 pm

  • Location: Porch HQ: 2811 Dogwood Pl

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About the Instructor:

Cindy McCain is a creative nonfiction writer, educator, and copy editor. She teaches university writing courses, writes features for print and online publications, and won the Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Hispanic Community and Journalism Award. Her blog, Southern Girl Gone Global, was named a Top 50 Travel Blog of 2016 by London's Market Inspector. As a former expat who lived in Morocco and The Dominican Republic, her partnerships with travel brands and tourism boards transport readers across three continents and the Caribbean.