Visual Branding for Writers and Creatives


Visual Branding for Writers and Creatives


A successful visual brand compels people and validates your work as a professional creative. In this immersive workshop, you’ll learn how to build a brand that engages and attracts your ideal audience. You’ll begin a process that will give you clarity around your own style and aesthetic. Whether you want to hire a designer or take a more DIY approach, you’ll be shown easy-to-implement "do’s and don'ts” and walk away with actionable steps to immediately start defining your personal brand.


  • Instructor: Sara Strese

  • Length of workshop: 3 hours

  • Date: Saturday, November 16

  • Time: 10 am - 1 pm

  • Location: Porch HQ
    2811 Dogwood Place
    Nashville, TN 37204

  • Cost: $58/Non-Member; $52.20/Member **Don’t forget to use your membership code at checkout!

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About the Instructor:

Sara Strese is a Nashville-based graphic designer with a background in art education and tech startups. A graduate of Watkins College,

she has worked with both corporations and individuals for the past six years and recently launched her own company, Good + Ready Design Co. Her mission is to create bold visual brands that connect businesses with their people. In her spare time she paints and reads on her porch!