World-Building in Story

World-Building in Story

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One of the great pleasures of writing—and reading—is immersing yourself in a fictional world. Whether the world in question is a copper mine in Peru, a suburban cul-de- sac in Westchester, or a terraformed habitat on a faraway planet, the process of crafting a complex, rich, and believable world is the same. In this generative workshop, we will work on a series of in-class writing exercises to develop and deepen the worlds of our stories and novels. In particular, we will focus on: point of view and perspective in world-building, revealing information in scene or in summary, and detail and consistency. We will look at examples of world-building in published work, and reserve time for students to share the products of their in-class writing for on-the- spot feedback from the instructor and classmates. This workshop is open to writers of all genres. 

  • Instructor: Anna Silverstein

  • Length of workshop: 3 hours

  • Date: Saturday, June 16

  • Time: 2 - 5 p.m.

  • Location: Refinery Nashville

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About the Instructor:

Anna Silverstein is a writer born in Boston and living in Nashville. She has an MFA in
fiction from Vanderbilt University. She was the 2015-16 Creative Writing Fellow at the
Curb Center, where she taught expressive writing workshops for cancer survivors,
patients, and family members. Previous classes with the Porch include The Compelling
Narrator, Writing as Resistance, Healing through Writing and creative writing
workshops for immigrants and refugees. Her fiction appears or is forthcoming in Salt
Hill, Afro-Hispanic Review, New Delta Review, Gravel
, and Overtime.