Writing and Recovery

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Writing and Recovery

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Addiction claims many victims -- not only those who suffer from it, but also their loved ones.  This workshop is designed to support people whose lives have been affected by a friend or family member's substance abuse.  Using examples from contemporary writers as prompts, we'll undertake brief exercises in writing poetry and short prose, designed to calm our thoughts and untangle painful emotions.  Together, we will explore the healing aspects of writing out of and about the complex nexus of feelings that addiction arouses.  Participants will be asked to commit to confidentiality.  Knowledge of 12-Step recovery or mindfulness techniques may be helpful, but is not at all necessary.


  • Instructor: Kate Daniels
  • Length of workshop: 4 weeks
  • Date:  Tuesdays, Jan. 9 - 30
  • Time: 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
  • Location: Refinery Nashville
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About the Instructor:

Kate Daniels' fifth book of poetry, Reading a Biography of Thomas Jefferson in the Months of My Son's Recovery, will be published in early 2019.  She is the Director of Creative Writing at Vanderbilt University, and a recent Guggenheim Fellow in Poetry.  She also teaches writing at the Washington (D.C.) Center for Psychoanalysis.