FALL 2018 Classes

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Workshops at the Porch are rigorous yet welcoming, encouraging creative expression while sharpening knowledge of craft. Led by experienced teachers, our classes allow participants to learn from one another in a supportive atmosphere. 

In our intermediate to advanced workshops and one-day seminars we aim for thorough discussion, feedback, and pedagogy on par with courses offered through degree-earning programs. These workshops are a great choice if you're thinking about applying for an MFA or looking to keep up your writing practice and skills after college or graduate school. But if you're new to writing or just looking for some inspiring practice and play with words on the page, we've got the perfect workshop for you, too.

We're also dedicated to bringing notable writers and poets to Nashville to teach and give readings. Rebecca Gayle Howell, Maggie Smith, Megan Stielstra, Hanif Abdurraqib, Sherrie Flick, Keith Leonard, Jamie Quatro, and Beth Ann Fennelly have been our guests in our first four years of programming. 

Want to apply for a scholarship? We're now accepting applications for our Spring 2019 class season. Spring classes will be announced shortly. 

We also offer editing & critique services and one-on-one consulting to help you reach your writing goals. Please fill out this brief questionnaire to help us connect you with an editor or consultant. 

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One-Day Classes:


Telling Your Story

In this introductory workshop to creative nonfiction, participants will be guided through instruction, examples, and prompts to elicit the important stories of one’s life.

  • 1 Hour Session, 6 - 7pm

  • Wednesday, October 10th

    • Nashville Public Library - Hermitage Branch

    • Registration is required; please call (615) 880-3951 to register.

  • Thursday, October 11th

    • Nashville Public Library - Edmondson Pike Branch

    • Registration is required; please call (615) 880-3957 to register.

Poetry: The Art of Getting Messy

Have you ever seen a painter's jeans? Usually it's splattered in specks of gold and white and rouge--all evidence of the artist letting go and getting just a bit messy. Sometimes we don't allow ourselves to get messy enough in our poems, though. Together we will explore what it means to write the messy thing, read/hear some poetic examples and then follow some prompts to create new messy work.

  • 1 Hour Session, 10:30-11:30am

  • Saturday, October 13th

  • Nashville Public Library - Green Hills Branch

  • Registration is required; please call (615) 862-5863 to register.

Getting Started

Sometimes the hardest part is to begin. In this session, we’ll discuss the habit and the why of writing before jumping right in with writing prompts and story starters. The goal of the session is simply to get the juices flowing and to have some fun letting ideas scribble their way out of our pens. 

  • 90 minute session, 10:30am-12n

  • Saturday, October 13th

  • Nashville Public Library - Hermitage Branch

  • Registration is required; please call (615) 880-3951 to register.

Studies in Character

Good characters stay with us. More than perhaps any other element of a writer’s craft, strong characters make for strong story. In this session, we’ll explore some ways to breathe life into your characters through details, point of view, and knowledge of the latent or not so latent forces that motivate these imaginary beings.

  • 1 Hour Session, 3 - 4pm

  • Saturday, October 13th

  • Nashville Public Library - Richland Park Branch

  • Registration is required; please call (615) 862-5870 to register.

Writing Scary Stories - YOUTH

This one is for students who love a good fright. We’ll examine what makes good scary stories scary and practice different ways to scare our readers. Students will learn about suspense, world building, character creation, and creative word choice, all while having fun inventing spooky ghosts and monsters.

  • 1 Hour Session

  • Thursday, October 25th

    • Nashville Public Library - Donelson Branch

    • 4:30-5:30pm

    • For grades K-4.

    • Registration is required; please call (615) 862-5859 to register.

  • Monday, October 29th

    • Nashville Public Library - Bordeaux

    • 4 - 5pm

    • For grades 6-12

    • Registration is required; please call (615) 862-5856 to register.

Story Basics

This class is designed to be a crash course in fiction writing. By engaging in a guided, extended writing exercise, we’ll put into play the basic ingredients of fiction—characters, plot/conflict, setting, and aboutness.  

  • 90 minute session

  • Saturday, October 27th

    • Nashville Public Library - Bordeaux

    • 10:30am - 12n

    • Registration is required; please call (615) 862-5856 to register.