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Birthing the Book Series: A Conversation with Chris Clancy

Jul 1
5:30 - 6:30 CT
Online via Zoom

Let’s be honest. We writers dream that the books that live inside us will find their way into bookstores, libraries, and homes, will come to life in the hands of avid readers under shady hammocks or in favorite chairs. These books will have splendid covers and rave reviews that honor the love we put into the process. But for many aspiring writers, the journey between finishing a manuscript and launching a book is veiled in mystery. The cogs and wheels of publishing are strangely opaque to the authors themselves. This Porch Happy Hour Series will both illuminate the process, and more importantly celebrate authors who have recently “birthed” their books.

In July, we welcome Chris Clancy, author of We Take Care Of Our Own (Montag).

As internal division threatens the United States’ ability to defend itself, USoFA WorldWide—a “supraconglomerate” of the nation’s largest military, energy, and media providers—has stepped in to conduct a more efficient, more profitable War on Terror.

In its effort to silence growing popular dissent, USoFA WorldWide launches SoldierWell, an experimental therapy that aims to co-opt the violent impulses of traumatized veterans to incite Intentional Mass Casualty Incidents, otherwise known as mass shootings.

Combining “found” psychotherapy session transcripts with exacting prose, WE TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN tracks the progress of third-year medical student Linda Held’s struggle to suppress her conscience and fulfill Company orders to their savage, terrifying end.

“This book is entertaining as hell but also a deep dive into the heads of the men who return from war. It could change your relationship to the country’s war vets.”
Trish Wood, author of What Was Asked of Us

“Clancy’s novel is sharp, fast, and very stylish. An exhilarating psychological thriller that ensnares, beguiles, and, ultimately, breaks your heart.”
Paul Meloy, author of Islington Crocodiles

Christopher Clancy holds an MFA in Creative Writing from American University, where he won the 2003 Myra Sklarew Award in Prose. He serves as a writing instructor for The Porch Nashville. Christopher was a 2018-19 writer with Art Wire, a partnership with The Porch and OZ Arts Nashville. He lives in Nashville with his wife and daughters.


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