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Not exactly workshop, not exactly lecture, Porch Brown Bag Lunches are opportunities for writers to explore elements of craft and the writing life. Conversations will be designed and facilitated by Porch instructors as well as experts in the publishing industry.

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The Ethics of Storytelling: Exploring the Dark Side with Michael McRay

Nov 16
12 - 1:30 PM CT
Online via Zoom

We all love storytelling. There is not a human being alive who does not love a good story. It's wired into our brains. Therefore, it's easy to give three cheers for storytelling without any reservations. We often don't stop to ask ourselves ethical questions about the stories we are telling or listening to.

In this 90 minute facilitated discussion with award-winning author Michael McRay, you will explore the dark side of storytelling. When is storytelling actually harmful? What ethical questions should we be asking about storytelling? Are there stories we should not tell? Stories we should even stifle? What's the rubric for making such decisions?

This is not a class that will offer definitive answers. It will explore the questions and invite curiosity. It's about shaping our frameworks.


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