Immigrants Write

Sharing the written word
to empower and heal.

There are so many voices, so many stories, and literature in its varied forms is among the oldest, most powerful channels of building empathy into experiences outside of our own. The world needs writers and readers and listeners. The Porch is here to encourage and connect them.

We tailor creative writing workshops and events to best meet the needs and time allowances of the specific group. Our audiences include seniors, immigrants and refugees, patients in addiction recovery, and underserved and at-risk youth.

Immigrants Write

In this free class, offered twice annually, immigrants and refugees in the greater Nashville community learn how to transform life experiences into memoir, how to write fiction from the imagination, how to find a poem in a moment and make it grow, and how to play with language (and make languages play with each other). Creative writing can be a great form of stress relief, self-care and enjoyment, and sharing stories with others allows the safe exchange of unique perspectives and experiences. In this class, participants learn about the elements of writing, have time to write in class, and have the option to share writing with the class and instructor for feedback.

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