Introducing Fall Merit Scholarship Award: The Porch is pleased to offer its first-ever merit scholarship of $500 for Porch workshops. Scholarship funds must be used within the year, starting September 2021. Application includes writing sample and personal statement.

Application DEADLINE: August 30

The Porch strives to make its offerings financially accessible to all writers. If tuition is a barrier to advancing your writing craft, we encourage you to apply for assistance.
Funding is limited and is available on a first come-first serve basis per class.

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“What a wonderful use of my scholarship funds!” That thought passed through my mind halfway through the first session of my Porch class, “You Are the Protagonist; Memory & Memoir,” with Sheree Greer. In between discussion, sharing, writing, and laughing, I found an environment in which to learn and grow both as a writer and, much to my surprise, as a person. And to think I owe this great opportunity to the COVID pandemic and The Porch’s switch to virtual classes! I hope the online classes will remain a permanent part of the Porch offerings so those of us outside of the Nashville area can continue to participate.

Carol Carlson, scholarship recipient

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