The Porch is pleased to offer a Merit scholarship of $500 for Porch workshops again in Spring 2024. Scholarship funds must be used within the year. Application includes writing sample and personal statement.

SPRING '24 DEADLINE: dec. 7, 2023
notification by DeC. 20, 2023

The Porch strives to make our offerings financially accessible to all writers. If tuition is a barrier to advancing your writing craft, we encourage you to apply for assistance. One of our organizational goals is to intentionally prioritize the inclusion of BIPoC writers, so we do have a dedicated scholarship fund for BIPoC writers. We also offer special consideration to LGBTQIA+ writers, and we’ve recently added Gen Z writers to the list of those we would especially like to support (understanding that you may be making the transition from being a dependent to covering your own costs for amazing things like writing workshops). To sum it up, we actively seek to prioritize the inclusion of all marginalized or underserved populations, so please don’t hesitate to let us know (according to your comfort level) if you feel that your application should receive special consideration for any reason.Funding is limited, and we consider all applications as they come in.

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“What a wonderful use of my scholarship funds!” That thought passed through my mind halfway through the first session of my Porch class, “You Are the Protagonist; Memory & Memoir,” with Sheree Greer. In between discussion, sharing, writing, and laughing, I found an environment in which to learn and grow both as a writer and, much to my surprise, as a person. And to think I owe this great opportunity to the COVID pandemic and The Porch’s switch to virtual classes! I hope the online classes will remain a permanent part of the Porch offerings so those of us outside of the Nashville area can continue to participate.

Carol Carlson, scholarship recipient

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