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The Best Spots for Writing Goods in Nashville


Elisabeth Moss

While much of our work as writers involves keyboards and a solid WiFi connection, nothing beats curling up with a cup of tea and writing the old fashioned way. The Porch is proud to offer members a 10% discount on writing supplies and more at the Nashville-based, woman-owned shop Gift Horse, where you'll find a wide and quirky assortment of journals, pens, pencils, notepads, and other writing supplies, among fun gifts and greeting cards, with an emphasis on indie artists. It goes without saying that many of our team members are regulars. Note to Porch members everywhere: You can also shop online! 

Where else do we go for our favorite writing supplies? Here, suggestions from a handful of Porch staff and Associate Board members.

"Every time I buy a new notebook, I dream of all the things that I'll write in it and all the ways it can help motivate my writing practice. Gift Horse never fails in my search for a good notebook and makes me nostalgic for stationery shops I grew up with in Japan. They stock a lot of things internationally from Japan to Germany, for those looking for high quality paper and the smoothest pens. I'm also a fan of browsing for stationary at museum gift shops including The Frist and The Tennessee State Museum." —Yurina Yoshikawa, Director of Education

the card wall at Gift Horse

"My go-to is Plaza Art. Their sketchpad section always has good journal options. I personally love the Fabriano EcoQua 5/8 stapled journals with blank pages, which come in a variety of colors. Plaza used to sell my favorite pen, the Pilot V5, and I could buy them individually in purple and green, but, alas, I don't think they sell them anymore. Fortunately, I can still grab them at Walgreens, Office Depot, and the like." —Katie McDougall, Cofounder, Codirector

Plaza Art in Germantown

"Gift Horse carries a weird and wonderful variety of prints, postcards, stationery, and writing supplies. Most of their items are made by local artists or small print shops. Go with a playful spirit and you're guaranteed to find something that makes you smile." —Joe Kane, Youth Director

"Moleskine makes my favorite journals—their designs are so clean, and the journals themselves are light and easy to carry around. Sage Refill Market, right next to Cafe Ma’Kai on Wedgewood, carries the cutest cards from local artists. As for pens, pencils, and stationery, I like to see what’s at Turnip Green Creative Reuse. If you hunt long enough, you'll likely find some notebooks and folders there too." —Elisabeth Moss, Spring 2024 intern, Associate Board member

Sage Refill Market

"For several years, I’ve been a devotee of Leuchtturm1917 notebooks with blank pages, purchased from—you guessed it—Gift Horse, in a different color each time. I envision a day when I’ll have a rainbow of filled Leuchtturms on a shelf. But I also admire the (sometimes saucy!) journal and notebook offerings at Welcome Home, where I bought my mom a five-year, line-a-day journal for Mother’s Day last year. And they carry Moleskines! Welcome Home also has one of the best greeting card selections in town, ranging from hilarious snark to simple beauty. —Susannah Felts, Cofounder, Codirector

Welcome Home in East Nashville

"For pens and other writing utensils, I love Plaza Art. They have a huge selection and you can test out all the different options. I always try to buy my cards and notebooks from local bookstores—I’ve found great stationery and journals at McKay’s and Parnassus." —Kelly Morgan, Associate Board Chair

Stop in Gift Horse soon to get 10% your purchase as a Porch member!


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