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Family Folklore: Everybody's Got One

Mondays, 3 weeks
May 6
May 20
6:00 - 8:00PM CT
Juliana Morgan Alvarez
The Porch House at 2811 Dogwood Pl., Nashville, TN 37204
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Every family carries its own folklore. Great grandma Sofia’s trek from Sicily to NY. The Christmas that the tree caught on fire. The reason why cousin Courtney always wears green. These stories can be grand or quirky and often change with who and which generation is telling them. They are always about our history and family’s traditions and inform us about who and where we come from.

This generative class, open to all experience levels, will utilize techniques from Devised Theatre to crack open the stories that already live inside of us. Each class will include allotted time to write and in the customarily oral ways of folklore, spoken out loud in a variety of exercises. By opening up our stories to the group and watching our work on its feet we can better recognize which elements are standing out and how to craft the story we want to tell. More than anything this class aims to get you out of your head and into your own voice. While process oriented, what we will develop by the end of our time together can be used as the beginning of your own memoir, personal essay, or even performance piece.

Juliana Morgan Alvarez (they/them, she/her, b. Miami, FL) is an MFA (CalArts '20) live-performance, sculpture, and ceramics artist. Their work investigates, with a keen wonderment toward natural phenomena, what happens to an object’s or a person’s relationship to itself and the outside world when confronted with friction and combustion. Their performances and work have been presented at the Wasmer Gallery in Fort Myers, OZ Arts in Nashville, Garden at Hauser & Wirth in Los Angeles, CalArts Center for New Performance, and international film festivals, including East End Film Festival in London, Mix Mexico in Mexico City, and QFF Mezipatra Prague Film Festival.

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